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 2012 Scholarships awarded by American Legion Post No. 109.


2011 Scholarships awarded by American Legion Post No. 109.


From left are Vivian Botley and Michaela Carey with Bob Savage and Charles Howard.

Five outstanding Hart County 2011 graduates each was the recipient of a $1,000 college scholarship awarded by American Legion Post No. 109.

Recipients named were Vivian Laurel Botley, Michaela Carey, Georgia Leanne Cobb, Chandler Dean and John Daniel Gibbs — all members of the 2011 Graduation Class of Hart County High School. Vivian, who is the daughter of Nathan and the late Kenya Botley of Hartwell, and Leanne Cobb, who is the daughter of Mark and Andrea Cobb of Lavonia, both will attend the University of Georgia. Michaela, who is the daughter of Mike and Allisa Carey of Dewy Rose, will attend Georgia Southern University while Chandler, who is the daughter of Morris and Renee’ Dean will attend North Georgia College and State University. John, who is the son of Eulin and Sue Gibbs of Hartwell, has not yet decided on the school he will attend, but along with the other four plans to begin his enrollment this fall.

Competition for these scholarships was very keen among the 11 applicants from graduating seniors throughout Hart County. Each individual’s record was thoroughly reviewed by five independent judges who scored their application on the student’s history in the areas of extra-curricular and work activities plus recommendations from adults who know them well. Academic achievement in core subjects was also an important factor, although it was assumed acceptance by any institution of higher learning would indicate satisfactory performance in this area.

A frequent remark made by almost every judge underscored how difficult it was to finalize the relative rankings since it seemed that “all 11 applicants were winners because each was so outstanding.”

Commander Howard expressed the great pleasure felt by Hartwell’s American Legion Post No. 109 with these awards. Up to three such scholarships has been a regular feature in past years, but for 2011 members approved an increase to five grants as part of their commitment to our local and deserving young people.


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