American Legion Post 109

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Tournament Winners

 On April 3, 1945, The Nancy Hart Golf Course located at the current site, was purchased for the sum of $2350.00 by American Legion Post 109 of Hartwell, Georgia. The course at the time had nine holes with several greens serving as duplicate holes from different tee boxes. Some of the greens were sand rather than grass. The American Legion ran the course until 1969 when it was leased to a group of members of the Legion and it became the Hartwell Golf Club Inc. Today it remains the home of American Legion Post 109 and the Hartwell Golf Club.

 Tournament Winners


1st Place   -13      Doug Scott, Rudy York, Roger Burdett

2nd Place  -11      Robert Agnew, Marvin Scott, Jacob Mauldin

3rd Place   -11     James Moore, Ted Isom, Roy Jones


1st Place              Kaye Lewis, Leanne Casey, Salley McInerney

2nd Place             Doris Agnew, Beverly Scott, Annette Adams
 Hole In One    -     Ted Isom

Closest To Pin
Jacob Mauldin
Gill Spencer
  George Runz