American Legion Post 109

Supporting Our Veterans and Community!


 Senior Master Sergeant Jonathan Turner utilizes HCHS students, Matthew Ross, Anthony Turner, Jada Fouch, and Audrey Honiotes to make a point during his presentation at the Veterans Day assembly.


Former HCHS grad speaks at Veterans Day assembly


Ceremonies were being held across the state on Wednesday in honor of Veterans Day. Hart County High School held its annual assembly at the Fine Arts Center and invited veterans to come and honor those who served our country. HCHS kicked of the ceremony with a with a veteran interview salute by HCHS TSA teacher Michaela Green.

Following the presentation U.S. Navy (retired), commander, American Legion Post 109 Captain Bill Fogerty gave a speech about remembering ,honoring, and teaching about those who have served our country. Finally, Senior Master Sergeant Jonathan Turner, United States Air Force (retired) gave a presentation .“Always remember your veterans and say thank you,” he said. “You might not always recognize them because they might not be wearing the hats or the uniforms, but they are always among us. Please say thank you.”Turner served in 41states and 10 countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, England, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, and Guam. “I just wanted to make a difference and preserve our freedom,” Turner said. “I took for granted my freedom when I was younger, but I wanted to serve my country when I got older.”