American Legion Post 109

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 American Flag Community Disposal Location Won

American Legion, Post 109 – Hartwell, Georgia

By: Jennifer Scott Sudderth, Staff Writer


Vice Commander James Fulghum and Post 109 won approval on Monday, April 6th from the Mayor and City Council for the placement of a box specifically designed for the community to place retired United States flags for proper disposal. When an American Flag is no longer serviceable, it is not acceptable or honorable to simply throw it away. A special flag disposal ceremony must be held in which the flag is burned in accordance with flag disposal protocol. Along with American Legion groups, the following organizations also conduct these ceremonies: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFWs), Marine Corps League, and the Disabled American Veterans (DAVs).

As is the case for most communities, there is not a centralized location in which to place the flags in Hartwell. We are pleased to announce that is no longer the case in our community. The Mayor and Council were gracious enough to agree with Post 109 that remedying this should be a community priority. Additionally, the City’s governing body is allowing the Post to place the receptacle on the grounds of the City Hall in the parking lot in a location convenient for patrons to drop off their retired colors.

American Legion Post 109 wishes to extend our most sincere gratitude to City Manager, David Aldrich, Mayor Brandon Johnson and City Councilmembers: Arthur Craft, Bill Griggs, Tony Haynie, Billy Ethridge, and Mike MacNabb for approving the request and showing their support for our Veterans. We also wish to thank Public Works Supervisor, Dennis White and his department for the work involved in the placement of the box.