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Flag Disposal Ceremony 2015

American Legion Post 109, Hartwell, GA Hosts Flag Disposal Ceremony

By: Jennifer Scott Sudderth, Director of Public Relations

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            American Legion Post 109, Hartwell, GA, hosted a Flag Disposal Ceremony on Monday, 15 June 2015.  This honorable ceremony took place in the parking lot adjacent to the Hartwell City Hall where the community’s flag disposal site is located.  Despite the rising temperature, several citizens were on hand to pay their last respects to our nation’s colors, including state of Georgia Representative Alan Powell, who gave a riveting speech honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Representative Powell reminded everyone in attendance of the respect our flag deserves and what it means to live in this land of liberty so often taken for granted. 

            Also on hand to honor us with his beautiful voice was Mr. Brooks Benton.  Mr. Benton sang our National Anthem and God Bless America, prior to the actual disposal of retired flags.  The American Legion Post 109 is honored to have the privilege of calling on Mr. Benton to pay tribute to our nation’s heroes in song.  City of Hartwell Manager, Mr. David Aldrich (U.S. Air Force Veteran) was in attendance along with two city council members.  Post 109 is very appreciative to Mr. Aldrich and all of his hard work toward making this a reality in our community.  Fire Chief Terry Vickery, Police Chief Anthony Davis, and Assistance Police Chief Stan Sayer (U.S. Marine Corp. Veteran), along with other first responders, made the ceremony all the more meaningful as they took time to pay their respects and show their continued support for their community. Lt. Col. Chris Carter (U.S. Army, Retired) orchestrated color presentation with members from the Hart County High School J.R.O.T.C.        

 American Legion Post 109 would like to thank all in attendance and remind everyone to continue to drop your retired U.S. Flags off at the Hartwell community location.  The disposal box is located in the parking lot adjacent to Hartwell City Hall, 456 E. Howell St., Hartwell, GA.  We are greatly appreciative of those who’ve already done so!


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