American Legion Post 109

Supporting Our Veterans and Community!





            Dr. Joseph Stewart, tenured Professor Political Science at Clemson University, gave the inaugural seminar for this American Legion oratorical event at the Literacy Center in Hartwell, GA on September 25, 2014.

            Speaking to an audience of Hart County High School, Barnes Academy, and home-schooled students, many parents, community members, Dr. Stewart emphasized the practical nature of the constitution building process as well as that of the members and founders. “These were practical men, trying to solve a practical problem of governance after the Articles of Confederation had failed and to do it in an effective and purposeful manner.”

            Professor Stewart has been highly involved in citizenship education throughout the state of South Carolina, teaches a wide range of political science courses, and serves nationally on the Advanced Placement Board.

            This year contest preparation began with the Constitution and its organization because participants must base their speeches on the United States Constitution, both for the prepared and extemporaneous topics. After further subject review, the focus will shift to organize and deliver the speech.

            During the months leading up to the Post 109 contest in late January 2015, other workshops will be scheduled. Dr.  Stewart will return November 20, 2014.

            This nationwide American Legion contest is open to all high school age students (grades 9-12). Its purpose is to teach patriotism and fundamentals of the U.S. Constitution. Local scholarship prizes are $250, $150, $100. The winner will advance to the district level.

            Additional information is available on the national website or local Also; you can call 706-376-8969.