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Shortening Our Leash on Politicians

 Returning to Purpose by Robert L. Savage

What kind of country are we leaving to our children and grandchildren when there is something we can do about it? We can get our nation back. Help start a political reformation!

Our nation desperately needs to get back to statesmen and stateswomen instead of today's career politicians with little connection to the average American. Shortening Our Leash on Politicians details thirteen specific ideas for Constitutional amendments that can do this. In this political guidebook, Robert Savage issues a call to our nation's citizens to consider a number of potential Constitutional amendments that would help us replace our current-day career politicians with statesmen and stateswomen whose primary concern is protecting the Constitution our founders established. Become a part of renewing a nation whose beginnings created an exceptional chapter in the world's history.

Learn specific actions citizens can take to change our government for the better! Shortening Our Leash on Politicians lists and explores many specific ideas in detailed, understandable discussions current-day citizens should seriously consider to update our present system while returning to the basic principles used by those who originally designed it. By holding our own citizen-led town halls, these ideas can be used to keep discussions focused rather than letting them get hijacked by those who would prefer the stagnation of considering too many possibilities with each subject. Find hope for our country in the clear guidelines of this plan for implementing a movement of positive change.


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