American Legion Post 109

Supporting Our Veterans and Community!

HCMS honors veterans By David Butler Hartwell Sun Staff writer

Hart County High School held its annual Veteran’s Day program at the Lonnie Burns Fine Arts Center last Friday. The program honored veterans of all eras. The Hart County High School JROTC Cadets presented the colors and Cadet Lt. Col. Jesse Lopez conducted the Pledge of Allegiance. The HCHS Chorus Ensemble, led by Joshua Bryan, did the National Anthem. The HCHS Symphonic Band conducted the Armed Forces Medley. During the Medley veterans stood when their service song was played. There was a Veteran Interview Salute for Local Heroes which was conducted by the HCHS TSA led by Michaela Green. Mary Ann Huggins from the John Benson Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution gave a P r e s e n t a t i o n o f a Wreath. James Fulghum, Commander of American Leg i on Pos t 109 , gave thanks to all veterans. “We are here today to honor those that are serving or have served. The service members we are honoring today come from all walks of life,” Fulghum said at the ceremony. “These people were called to do something extraordinary.” Fulghum said all who serve in the military have chosen to fight for our freedom. “Veterans have given us freedom and fought for each and every one of us,” Fulghum said. “God Bless our freedom. God Bless veterans. And God bless America.” Master Sergeant Joseph McAuliffe, Senior Military Instructor of the University of Georgia Army ROTC was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. McAuliffe told the story about Nancy Hart in the Revolutionary War. “Hart gained notoriety for outwitting a group of Tories who had invaded her home and asked to be taken care of. She served them wine and once they had too much to drink, she took their weapons and used one to shoot and kill two of them,” McAuliffe said at the ceremony. Hart County superintendent Jay Floyd did a roll call for Hart County veterans that served in the Spanish-American War, Mexican Punitive Expedition, World War I, World War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Taps and a moment of silence ended the ceremony.